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Yes, I do have an online store

I hate the Internet, I hate the entire last 25 years of this gradual crappification of everyone's minds and evisceration of their former trades. Some days it feels like our humanity has been strip-mined so that it can be fed to the Borg, which will promptly learn new tricks to eviscerate the economy of all art and culture.

(My Etsy store is more usurious than the Square one linked above, but I keep it because now and then people stumble across the PV map and order lots of them.)

I have had an okay 5 or so years selling with a Square store after the fiasco with Amazon, but lately Square's platform seems to have been devoured by some borg. The other day someone was told "not available" while ordering, and sure enough, some techie had changed something on me, and none of my maps could be purchased online.

The problem seems to be resolved now, after much huffing and puffing and threats to send a real letter on real paper to a real address at corporate headquarters.

Tech at this point is cratering across the board. We're seeing the progressive ruin of every useful piece of software by overpaid programmers searching for one more little wedge by which to maximize the profitability of their product by encrusting it with bells and whistles and doodads until it seizes up one day and people are emailing you because they can't get the PV Centro and they're leaving next week. 

Gradually, Square outsourced the actual online store part - the sales space, the basic functions - to another company that then change the entire interface without so much as an email to warn of broken links.

I had a chatbot tell me yesterday I needed to email my customers in advance and tell them to clear their caches before trying to order my maps. I don't know if it was a human assistant - I think not. Because no human could be that silly and keep their job.

So I just wanted you to know that I am trying as ever to accommodate the tech madness any way I can, while giving you the chance to know how to get out of that Mexican town when there's a roadblock and your cell service craps out on you, with a paper map that can be understood as long as you have a flashlight.

If Square craps out on you - for years, it wouldn't even recognize Canadian postal codes! - just email me at mapajeff@mapajeff.com and I'll either send you a PayPal invoice (unbelieveable usury in their fees too) or you can send me a check.

$12 per foldable map, shipped in the US.
$15 for Canadian delivery.

$20 per map flat in a tube for framing or hanging, shipped in US.
$30 for Canadian delivery.

Puerto Vallarta Walking Map larger posters are $40 US, $55 Canadian.

Canadian friends: Email me at mapajeff@mapjeff.com with your request if you have trouble dealing with America's lushly indulged, rapacious tech platforms as you try to spend your Loonies on my stuff.

Mexico residents: If you have a Mailboxes Etc. or similar mail-drop service, you can receive a single foldable map as an ordinary letter via your US address. My experience with those services is that they'll get arms, legs, and cojones from you for any package larger than that, and submit it to Mexican customs too, so it might be cheaper to go to my dealer in Vallarta. 


  1. Hi there Jeff. My son Mark and his wife are seriously considering retiring in Yelapa in a couple of years (they are 60). She has never been there and they want to visit in the worst time of year so they'll know what it is like - they're going for a visit Sept 7-13. I want to send them a map ahead of time and will order it now. Hope this finds you well!

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