Maps Made to Order


I charge a one-time fee for the delivery of a custom map, which the client may then reproduce on the web or in print as they wish. Maps can be delivered in any digital format (most commonly JPG for the web and PDF for print) and can easily be updated and edited later on at an hourly fee.

Please contact me at if you have an idea and/or would like an estimate. My specialty is the Bay of Banderas region in western Mexico, but I can handle many other areas.
My specialty is three-dimensional urban street grids in hilly cities and towns.

Here are some of my recent custom projects:

A locator map of field offices of the Human Awareness Institute:

 Casa Isabel,  a multi-house B&B on Yelapa's shore:

Two PV maps for folks who are too busy to keep giving out the same directions to their many guests:

A simplified Yelapa map for a guest apartment complex:
Casas Garcia is a growing rental apartment complex overlooking Yelapa Cove. Based on my most recent Yelapa color map, this custom letter-sized edition shows the Pueblo and Beach and selected businesses.

-->A simple road map for finding a bakery behind Los Mangos Library in Puerto Vallarta:
This map fits into the bottom half of a letter-sized handout menu, and shows the way to a hard-to-find bakery near Versalles and the Los Mango Library, Puerto Vallarta.

A custom Bay of Banderas map for a boat operator:
PV SEA DIVE, located just off the Malecon at Leona Vicario, needed a framed wall map showing the distances to their various destinations out on the water. I drew in a launch decorated just like theirs, plus their logo and QR code.

El Arrayan's PV, done up in Carmen's signature colors:
One of Puerto Vallarta's most renowned restaurants, EL ARRAYAN, commissioned this map 
to call attention to the owners' favorite eateries elsewhere in the city.

A marathon in Marina Vallarta:
A five-kilometer marathon in the Marina, with measured distances marked by posts and the route in transparent red.

Hybrid of two Mapa Jeff maps: Cabo Corrientes
plus CPM plus El Tuito street map, for Sr. Nile:
A client requested a hybrid of my Central Pacific Mexico map and the more recent Cabo Corrientes map. I added a street map of El Tuito, the municipal seat of Cabo Corrientes. The intended effect is to highlight Cabo Corrientes, which has until now usually been ignored on Vallarta area maps.
A giant blowup of this map hangs at city hall in El Tuito, I hear.

A resort on a hill in Yelapa:
This is a resort property just above Calle Marlin in Yelapa; its owners needed an illustrative map
 to guide guests to their quarters. My first resort commission: Thanks Shannon Yates for bequeathing the place a good map! It used to be the Shapiros property, I believe, in Yelapa lore.

These are two of the maps I rendered for a BOOK by Rudy Ryser of the
 Center for World Indigenous Studies:

It's all about framing: What would you like your country to look like, if it were intentionally announcing itself to the world as a national state? Better have really pretty sunken frames.

These images are the property of the companies and individuals that commissioned them.