Paradise Launches

New for 2021: A map for a fast-rebuilding community.

Streets are laid into the folds of hills and creekbeds, and land forms are drawn in relief with shadow, in Mapa Jeff's signature technique. The result is a a unique three-dimensional illustration of the landscape.

Other than ghost graphics for the churches temporarily lacking a facility, this map indicates as little as possible the tragedy of November 8, 2018. All street names from the time before are on this map, aside from a few whose new owners have already decided to take them private.

The first image shows the first edition print, covering Paradise proper, available in stores as of Jan. 27 (for now, Jeannie's Consignment is the sole vendor in Paradise; in Chico, Ellis Reprographics and Art Etc. on First Street downtown also have them).

They can also be ordered shipped or delivered locally at my online store.

The last shows the large version, which shows the region all the way to Mount Shasta. This can be custom-ordered mounted and framed.

Easy to read - easy to retail.


Chico 2021

Edition 2 of the Chico Panoramic Map focuses in on the city core for a smaller (2x3-foot), more affordable ($25) poster with more legible type. It is available so far at Made In Chico, Ellis Reprographics, and MONCA. Order the new Chico map at Mapa Jeff's online store.

Edition 1, first released in May 2019, proved uneconomical this time around due to a more than doubling of the cost for prints of that size at Mapa Jeff's usual vendor. There are still a half-dozen of these left ($50 each), and two mounted and wall-ready prints that were used as displays at Made in Chico are also for sale ($200 each).

Mapa Jeff originally designed the full-region version in Edition 1 to be printed five feet wide, but shrank the image to make it feasible to print at quantity. Going forward, this full-region map will be available at that size, mounted to foamcore and ready to hang with a frame/brace backing, signed and delivered locally, for $300. Contact Mapa Jeff at mapajeff@hotmail.com for details.