Yelapa Map

Yelapa 2018

Side A: The cove and mountains:

Side B: Tips for visitors; a map of the Pueblo with locator for businesses and restaurants; and a third map depicting the entire Rio el Tuito basin up to the Upper Waterfall:

 The Yelapa map is adding rental houses as they become known to the artist. If you would like your rental house included on the next print, please contact me for instructions. There is no fee (and I don't owe you anything either) but those who buy some maps will be placed at the head of the line.

Yelapa 2017

Yelapa 2016

Yelapa 2015

There are a few of the old prints left. Click here to order remnants prints from yesteryear - including the tough old black-and-white ones that will be dug up by archeologists.