Bucerias Map

Season #2

A complete, two sided portable map of Bucerías and La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.

The most complete and beautiful map of one of the least-appreciated spots on the Bay of Banderas has clear indications of all Highway 200's complex access points and turns; public beaches and restrooms; renderings of the town center's zocalo and church; names of private as well as public streets; parks, arroyos, footbridges; and Mapa Jeff's trademark 3-D rendering of the streets rising and falling in the folds of the hills. The Valle de Banderas, with its series of charming towns, extends towards the horizon with distances and key features.

Central Bucerías
All pedestrian paths and features are drawn, along with key landmarks and monuments.

Decameron and Dorada
The southeast portion of Bucerías, with its generous public beach access and the new Chedraui megastore.

 With all street names and parks.

Bucerías Arts District
The emerging arts district south of the Arroyo has a number of hidden treasures, including a beachfront park at Calle Morelos.

Javier Ovando
Streets in all areas are clearly shown as they climb and fall amidst the hills. Where pedestrian stairways interrupt the street grid, they are sketched.
Roads rough enough to recommend 4x4 are noted.

Emiliano M. Gonzalez
 Mapa Jeff maps always include street names for underserved, neglected neighborhoods such as Emilio M. Gonzalez. The artist collects all information in person, face to face, before checking it agianst government and online data (which is often incorrect).

Directions to the Presidencia(s)
 Inset map of Valle de Banderas town, 12 kilometers east, with the locations of both the old and new municipal Presidencias (where government permits and business take place).

The Valley
The valley east toward the Sierra, San Sebastian del Oeste in the distance.

Mapa Jeff maps are available exclusively on paper.
Bulk prices (and a factura in dollars and pesos) are available for retailers through Mapa Jeff's online store.


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