Cabo Corrientes Road Map

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SIDE 1: The region to Puerto Vallarta

The mountainous seaside region south of Puerto Vallarta is seeing a rush of development with a new dam and reservoir, and paved roads under construction from El Tuito to Chacala and Mayto (as well as a new road from Highway 200 to Bioto). This map shows road distances in miles and kilometers between red points, mountain peaks, selected tourism sites of interest, and riverbeds you may find yourself crossing in a four-wheel-drive. 

The first map of map of Cabo Corrientes designed for the traveler, this two-sided, folded map gives an easy-to-read and in-depth illustration of the region's roads, with a dozen miniature maps showing how to navigate through isolated pueblos. Size: 5 by 7 inches folded; 14 by 20 inches spread out.

 SIDE 2: Mini maps of key towns

Size folded: 5 by 7 inches, the size of a large snapshot.

Navigate through key crossroads pueblos.

How to get to the fresh lobster waiting down at the end of the windy little road.

All Mapa Jeff foldable portable maps are also available as posters:
unfolded, rolled up in a tube and sent to any US or Canadian address. 

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