Panoramic Map of Chico, California

Edition 2, 2021

This isometric, panoramic map of Chico turns the compass to the northeast in order to portray the city along its own natural lines, radiating out from downtown at center.

The Chico map, and larger custom variants, are now exclusively available at Chico Paper Company, 345 Broadway in Chico.

It was first printed in April, 2019 as a 3x5-foot mounted poster, of which two copies were sold from the Museum of Northern California Art as part of its "Map It Out" exhibition that summer.

Subsequently the Chico map was printed at a smaller size of 30x44 inches for retail sales at Made In Chico, a local-craftsmen's shop, as well as the museum and at Ellis Reprographics, a regional resource for surveyors, builders, and architects.

Chico Paper Company invited me to be a featured artist in their gallery and in spring 2021, became my exclusive dealer in the area. They sell them rolled up, and pre-framed for same-day sale as well. 

Downtown and campus area, with new landmarks

Chapmantown and Mulberry, annexed to the City of Chico in 2020

Bidwell Park and areas to the north

Teichert Ponds, a nature sanctuary amidst southeast Chico development

California Park and Canyon Oaks

Comanche Creek and the wanderings of the City boundary and Green Line

City and country blend and converse as Chico gives way to orchard land in the west

Meriam Park, Chico's newest neighborhood, has added several streets this year.

Much of the West Side area south of West Sacramento remains outside the City.

Legend box, this year including a new milepost indicator for points along a scale system

Butte Creek Canyon and the ramparts of Paradise

Chico Municipal Airport and its light-industrial neighborhood

Lake Almanor in the distance, with routes from Chico

Mount Lassen and other peaks are shown at the far horizon

This map is also available by mail order via the Mapa Jeff Online Store.

I still have a few prints and mounted wall hangings of the first edition, 2019, which takes in a bigger snapshot of the region:

This map can be printed at custom sizes through Chico Paper Company.

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