Yelapa 3.0

The prospect of an online community project spurred me to overhaul the Yelapa map this summer.

The new drawing, modeled after satellite imagery, takes fewer liberties than previous editions with the actual spatial relationships on the ground. The retail map will folded, double-sided, and larger at 14 x 20 inches - making it no longer necessary to squeeze the kaleidoscopic breadth of Yelapa onto one rectangle as I have done in the past.

The second side will feature the small regional map as a cover plate; a map and directions to the Upper Waterfall; a detailed closeup map of the Pueblo extending to the arroyo at Shambala; and likely some basic information about visiting Yelapa.

There are plans afoot to include rental housing for a small fee on both the retail and online versions of this map. If you are interested in signing up, please contact me at mapajeff@hotmail.com.

Here by contrast is the 2015 edition, the last one based on the 2008 pen drawing. From edition to edition, I have gradually put more and more elements into digital form, now setting all text in my own font, Mapa Jeff Basic.

In 2008, I introduced this map and only began coloring it for the 2012 edition. People have often asked me for copies of this old style, and I miss its simplicity, but there is no going back:

The 2006 edition was based on the first drawing (measuring only 9x12 inches), with edits hand-drawn and taped over the original:

The very first edition was introduced in 2005 with a print run of 100 signed copies. The original drawing, on a 9x12" Stratmore sketchpad leaf, still exists, toned beige unlike this print: