A note for Mapa Jeff fans

Because I cover a very fast-changing region where entire streetscapes can change overnight, legal precautions require that I make the following disclaimer:

The artist can make no warranty of personal safety nor assume liability for any information shown or not shown on any Mapa Jeff map.

I have always designed Mapa Jeff maps to focus on permanent features of the landscape, and I avoid any advertising or business alliance that might compromise the neutrality of the information. I merely provide an overview of the facts on the ground (and occasionally recommend features of interest to me personally) so that travelers can judge for themselves.

Those of us who love Mexico, and most who travel there at all, are aware that staying safe there is nobody's responsibility but our own. I trust and hope that my artwork does enhance the safety of those who carry the maps, as well as their appreciation of the beauty of the land and the amazing friendliness and generosity of the Mexican people.

– Mapa Jeff, aka Jeffrey F. Obser

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